Friday, June 20, 2008

My First Blog Post

This is my first blog post, in case you didn't notice. I'm not sure why I decided to start a blog. Maybe because my summer has been EXTREMELY boring and this gives me something to do. And a place to vent. I'm sure there won't really be anyone who reads this, and that is fine. That's probably a good thing, in fact, because I'm sure I'll reveal somethings about myself that some people would be shocked to read, maybe... I don't really know. Most people don't really know me. Don't know me well, at least. Only a select few know the real Ashley Jeanette.

Looks like I've said enough for the day. But before I end there are a couple things that I want to mention:

1. I miss dancing so much! Dancing is my life, without it I wouldn't be Ashley Jeanette.

2. I miss Jeremy Luke McCullough very very very very much! I love him to death... and I could go on but I'll just end it there for now.