Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Beginnings

So here I am. So close to Jeremy, closer than I am used to. And yet I'm farther from him than I am used to, at the same time. It's been 2 weeks and one day... and I still haven't gotten a letter. But it's understandable since I wasn't at home for very long when he was in the MTC and I've just been able to check my mail at my dorm at BYU yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow! I can't wait to hear from him! I'm pretty much obsessed with it!

I haven't stayed in my dorm yet. I'm partly excited to and then again I'm not. It's definitely not as nice as I'm used to. But I'm ready to be on my own. I didn't think so at first. I love my mom and I'm going to miss her... however, these past few days she hasn't left my side once and I'm ready to do some stuff on my own! :) I do understand why she doesn't want me to leave her side until she goes, I'm just that cool, ya know? Who doesn't want me to be with them 24/7? haha jk But yeah... I'm staying by her side for her benefit because I know that's what she wants. I guess it's my present for her... not complaining about how she doesn't want me to go off with friends and what not. Not like I have many here, but that's sorta the point, I guess.

I'm not really worried about meeting new friends, though. My social life is definitely not first priority right now. I mean I do want one, definitely, but other things are more important to me right now. I really wanna finish school August 2o10, which is possible. I'm sure you can figure out why... Jeremy comes back August 2010!! :)

Oh man! I cannot wait for school to start... to start dancing again... and to get a job! I wanna be busy busy busy!!! And then it will be no time for Jeremy to come back!!! :D


Lacey said...

It's been forever!!! You okay? Hope to hear more from you soon!

Ashley Jeanette said...

I just figured out how to get back on this thing! lol Hopefully I'll be posting more now! :)